Cabinets and shelves added

I recently completed a set of shelves and cabinets for my friend Joanne. On either side of her fireplace, there were backset areas that cried out to be filled, and lo! they were.

  Lower cabinets up to 40″ with moulding-trimmed doors and open shelves up above. I connected the ensemble with a sort of crown moulding all across the top, and added a center ‘keystone’ to give it symmetry and focus.

I also finshed out the large pass-through from her kitchen to the dining area. Originally there was a homemade, tiled counter, but it had warped from not being properly affixed to the framing. Then it was a matter of trimming out around the opening with the same casing we have been using, and voila! Neat, attractive  and finished looking!

2 thoughts on “Cabinets and shelves added

  1. Mark, the addition of the beautiful cabinets & shelves to my living room really completed the room for me – they match the feel of the room as well as the rest of the molding in the room, and I have received many compliments on them. They are even more beautiful than I anticipated! You did a fabulous job and I couldn’t be more pleased with your craftsmanship & professionalism. I’m having so much fun decorating & arranging – and hiding stuff behind the cabinet doors!

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